Michael Tucker

The talented and award-winning wildlife photographer, Michael Tucker.

Michael Tucker, started his love affair with the bush at a very young age. He started taking photos on family holidays (always in the African bushveld) and soon fell in love with the art form. Michael started creating images that would soon be published in leading magazines and various online media platforms. “Photographic recognition is great, but teaching people the finer skills of Wildlife Photography and passing over knowledge is what really drives me”.

With this love of teaching, Michael started big5photos.com, a wildlife photography business used to fuel his passion for teaching and sharing his knowledge about wildlife photography. Whether in the classroom or the bush, Michael has a unique way of making sense of how to use your camera and his style of teaching will ensure you remember the skills.

“Wildlife Photography is a tough enough due to elements we can’t control, so to not thoroughly understand how your camera works is criminal”. With a tutor who is an experienced photographer, teacher and wildlife guide, you’ll definitely be in good hands. Michael prefers his talents to be showcased through the people he has taught and to date boasts 12 ex-students who have won major local and international wildlife photography competitions. With an absolute passion for wildlife, sharing knowledge and ensuring people understand the inner workings of their cameras, Michael will take you on a journey and teach you how to “take control of your camera”.