About Us

Welcome to the Admired in Africa website dedicated to the leaders in image and film making in Africa


Our sole focus is to showcase exclusively the best and most trusted wedding image and film makers to prospective clients. Our approach to selecting suppliers are to review each portfolio, website and community standing and then invite them to join the AIA group.

Why use an AIA Photographer / Cinematographer?


All our members have been in the industry for at least three years and have a legacy of consistent excellent work. In South Africa there is no governing body or rating system to the wedding industry. We have taken it upon ourselves to give legitimacy and comfort to prospective clients when they see the AIA logo and to know that they are dealing with the best photographers & cinematographers in the wedding industry.

Creating Awareness & Trust


The Admired in Africa website is aimed to create an awareness for both clients and suppliers. We want clients who use suppliers on AIA to make informed decisions, to select the best supplier and to have the confidence to promote us to future clients. For the photographers and cinematographers we have created a website to acknowledge the quality of work they deliver and to feature them along their peers.

The Admired in Africa Awards


The Admired in Africa awards aim to recognise great work and provide an accolade for the best work in the industry. The awards are open to all cinematographers and photographers in Africa. In recent years many of the awards/competitions have fallen away leaving a vacuum to recognise great work and incentivise the community. The awards serve as an incentive to inspire and push boundaries and to always strive to excellence.

By Invite Only


We are always looking for new photographers and cinematographers who will be the future of the industry. We issue invitations a couple of times a year to suppliers nominated by industry leaders. This ensures a high standard of membership and maintains our exclusivity, ensuring that all of the suppliers from Admired in Africa are individuals who are respected by their peers and committed to producing amazing work.